Past Event – New Pastor conducts Harvest Church Service

The 2011 Harvest Church Service was held on Sunday, October 2, at 2:00 p.m. at St. John’s Lutheran Church on Crichton Street. The Service was conducted by Pastor Nils Roland from Grimsby, who had come to Ottawa the day before, with his wife Lajla, in order to see a bit of the National Capital while in town. The Church was decorated for Thanksgiving. After the Service there was coffee and lots of cakes, cookies as well as pumpkin pie in the adjoining hall. Club President Ted Hansen thanked Pastor Roland for coming to Ottawa – and the Church Committee as well as the many volunteers for looking after the Church, organist, coffee and goodies in addition to setting up and then cleaning up. In the Church Hall Pastor Roland told a little about himself and his wife – and his work. He had been a dean and parish pastor on the island of Lolland, but had now retired to the town of Nykřbing Falster. His contract with the congregation in Grimsby is for one year.

Present at the Service was also Pastor Svend Faarvang and his wife Birgit, from Tommerup on the island of Fyn. Pastor Faarvang is presently on a three-month sabbatical travelling around North America by motorhome visiting Danish congregations and Danish settlements. In Ottawa he visited Rolf and Vita, whom he had married in Vancouver 25 years ago, when he was pastor on the West Coast.

Rolf Buschardt Christensen

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