Christmas Church Service – December 8th, 2018

The Danish Christmas Church Service is open to everyone. Please note that it is a change from Sunday to Saturday this year (as there is currently only one Danish pastor to serve all of Ontario).

Please join us and Pastor Jørgen Flensted‐Jensen for the service and for a festive Christmas coffee table in the hall afterward.

When: Saturday, December 8th at 2:00 PM
Where: St. John’s Lutheran Church (270 Crichton Street)


Christmas Party – December 2nd, 2018

The Christmas party is for all members—young, old, singles, couples, and yes, of course the children…the more the merrier. Once again, there will be crafts, Lego, yummy food and dancing & singing around the tree. And who knows…Santa might pay us a visit again.

When: Sunday, December 2nd, 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Where: St. John’s Lutheran Church Hall (270 Crichton Street)

Easter Church Service

When:  Sunday March 25, 14:00 (2 p.m)

Where: St. John Lutheran Church, 270 Crichton Street, Ottawa

Join us Palm Sunday for a Danish Easter Service, conducted by Pastor Jørgen Flensted-Jensen of Grimsby, followed by a “coffee table” in the adjoining church hall where we socialize and enjoy lovely homemade goodies. Everyone is welcome. 613.725.3125.


Fastelavn – Sunday, February 25, 2018

Fastelavn is a very old traditional Danish celebration.  In early days, Fastelavn was the beginning of a time of fasting to prepare oneself for Lent by eating very little.  Fastelavn was also a time to have a lot of fun: playing games, dressing up and partying.

Most people no longer fast on Fastelavn.  However, children still wear costumes and play the traditional Fastelavn games.  One is “knocking the cat out of the barrel” game.  In medieval times, this game was taken very seriously, and involved placing a live cat in a barrel.  The barrel was then beaten with sticks until it broke and the cat escaped.  The cat was chased out of the town, and it was believed that it would take the collective bad luck and evil spirits of the town with it.

Fortunately for cats everywhere the game is now symbolic and no longer involves any live animals.  Instead we use a wooden barrel filled with candy and one old black cat (stuffed toy).  The children take turns hitting it with a wooden bat until the barrel breaks whereupon there is a mad dash to pick up all the candy that spilled out (children only, please!).

The child that makes the barrel break and knocks the cat out of the barrel is crowned the “King of Cats” or “Queen of Cats” as the case may be.  Since a king must have a queen (and vice versa), the next child of the opposite sex in the line up to beat the barrel when it came down, is named King or Queen (again as the case may be) and each is given a golden paper crown.

We will have prizes for the best child costume and one for the best adult costume.  The entertainment (other than the barrel, the candy and the costumes) is a secret! There will be delicious food as always and we will finish off the day by handing out fastelavnsris (decorated branches).

Mark Sunday, February 25 at 2:00 p.m. on your calendar and join us at St. John’s Lutheran Church Hall on Crichton Street.

Please note you have to register for this event no later than February 18. The registration form has already been sent to all members, but if you do need a form, call  613.725.3125.

Annual Christmas Bazaar – November 4, 2017

Saturday, November 4, 2017
11 a.m. – 2 p.m.
Ron Kolbus Lakeside Centre, Britannia Park
(Take Pinecrest North to the end)

What is Christmas “hygge” without all those special touches Danes love, cherish and enjoy sharing with others? Get a headstart on your holiday planning—stock up on your favourite Danish foods and unique decorations and gifts at the annual bazaar.

  • Real Danish pastry, rye bread and other traditional baking
  • A delicatessen with pate, herring, almond paste, chocolate, liquorice and much, much more….most of it imported just for the bazaar
  • Christmas decorations brought in from Denmark or crafted by our accomplished members
  • Calendar candles
  • George Jensen table cloths
  • A great selection of gift items
  • Interesting and seasonal “Gently used” items at reasonable prices
  • Beautiful embroideries
  • Books (in both Danish and English) and magazines

No bazaar visit is complete without a visit to the restaurant to enjoy our delicious smørrebrød (open-face sandwiches). Savour them right there or take out for a great lunch at home.

Please be aware that payment is cash only! Free admission and free parking in the lot adjoining the Lakeside Centre.

See you there!