President’s Corner – June 2011

Celebrating the Queen‟s Birthday was lots of fun for Louise and myself, and a lot of preparation too. We did very little the day after. But, it was nice to see many of our friends and family enjoy the fine food of the buffet.

Had a hoot of a time traveling to Kingston, only to be outdone by Pia and her staff at the Golden Rooster. The food and service was excellent, and worth the trip. A stop-over in Westport proved to be a favorable change, except for the wallet. The promised return time was only out by 93 seconds, and next year a little less moisture please!

Sadly, the trip to the western area of Lake Ontario had to be cancelled. And now the Picnic is put off for another year as well. With so many outside activities in our family circle, it is difficult for the Board to plan and organize to maximize our membership attendance.

Til the next Viking News, I bid you good day and great barbequing!

Ted Hansen

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