Danish Military Recognised for Gender Diversity

Number of women serving in military has increased 40 percent in the past three years

The nation’s armed forces have won this year’s Institute of Human Rights award for being the country’s most diverse workplace.

The institute praised the military for increasing the number of female servicewomen by 40 percent in only three years and for creating a strong female network. The military was also recognised for its efforts to recruit ethnic minorities and for fighting harassment and discrimination in the workplace.

There is, however, still room for improvement, especially with regards to hiring people with handicaps, according to the institute.

The Economy and Digitisation Centre in Høje Taastrup, on the other hand, received high praise for its flexible attitude towards employees with handicaps. The centre also received recognition for its efforts to mark different religious festivals in the workplace.

DSB was recognised by the committee for creating networks for sexual minorities in the company. The company allows transsexual employees to choose which uniform they are most comfortable with.

Article copied from http://www.Denmark.dk

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