Annual General Meeting (AGM) – September 25, 2015

Our next AGM is scheduled for 19:00 (7:00pm) on Friday, September 25, in the St. John’s Lutheran Church Hall. The address is 270 Crichton St. Ottawa.

We have become very good at keeping the business portion of the evening short, leaving more time at the end to enjoy some good food and some sort of beverage (cold and hot) and to catch up on news and gossip. If you come out for this event, you will hear a bit about how the past year went, what we did, and how much money that cost or made. Most importantly, we will also elect the board of directors for next year. As always, some will retire or take a break from the board, but others will continue so there will be some continuity.

We do have a person who is willing to put her name forward for president for next year who has not been president before, so I am really hoping for a strong showing this evening with many of our members coming out to show their support and ideally with a few of them stepping forward to help out on the board. Yes, there is a little bit of work involved with being on the board, but along the way we make new and good friends and we drink a lot of coffee or tea and the occasional Danish beer. The person stepping forward as new president is open to new ideas and keen to hear about new ideas from as many as possible so let’s make this a great evening!

There is of course no charge to attend this event.

If you know in advance that you would like to be on the board or you would like to nominate somebody else to be on the board, or for more information about the Club and what being on the Board entails please send an email to

Soren Laursen

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