The Christmas Doctor: The True Story of Dr. J.P. Weber by Tom Weber

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The Christmas Doctor: the True Story of Dr. J.P. Weber.  His life was saved as a teenager by a wonderful Danish-American nurse.  Motivated by what she had done for him, he became a courageous country doctor in northern Idaho.

After finishing the eighth grade, J. P. Weber decided to catch a freight and head west to labor in railroad construction, save his wages and eventually be able to attend college and become a doctor.  He made quite a bit of money helping lay railroad tracks across Montana and was able to save most of his money for school, but his foreman was brutal.  Because of this, he left the railroad construction job and caught a freight headed for Portland, Oregon, hoping to find work in the timber industry.

While in that city a pickpocket stole all his savings and he could not find any job.  Literally starving on the streets of Portland, he was taken into the home of Nancy Jacobsen, a deeply religious nurse whose parents were immigrants from Denmark.  She nursed him back to health and he promised to pay her back by helping others.  He always said of her, “She taught me what life is all about.”  He caught a freight back to Iowa and worked as a railroad laborer in that state, his home state, and eventually saved enough money to get an education and attend medical school in Chicago.  He spent the rest of his life paying Nancy back by never turning down a call to help a patient no matter how dangerous the trip or indigent the patient.

By Tom Weber

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