Welcome to the 2014-2015 Board of Directors

39540_154799714561847_154794194562399_235684_4476963_nOur AGM was held on October 3 and it was a very successful AGM in many ways. It was well attended and it was chaired by Rolf Christensen who kept the meeting flowing and told us about the Danish Canadian Conference, which was held in Ottawa earlier this year.

I am writing this as the new president of the club, although instead of “new”, “recycled” might be a more fitting description. Regardless, I am happy to do it again and I was excited to see a number of new faces at the AGM and especially that some of them joined the new board.
From the outgoing board, Grethe Kryger, Peter Jensen and Steven Hansen are not returning. I thank them for their contributions; they have done a lot of work for the club.

Those from the old board who are continuing also deserve a big thank-you for agreeing to do so! They are: Vita Christensen (Vice President), Vibeke Reid (Secretary), Bodil Jensen (Treasurer), Brittany Hansen, Neal Petersen and Sue Vye. An extra special thank-you to Vita for having been our President at the helm for the last year!
The new board is sporting three new members. They are: Jeff Jessen, Diane Nolan (“once a Nielsen, always a Nielsen!”) and Jessica Tomlin. I am very happy to have them onboard!

The new board has an excellent mix of younger and older people and it has people who are new to the board and people who have been there a while. I am very excited about the next 12 months and it should be interesting to see what we can do!

Søren Laursen

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