Annual General Meeting – Outgoing President’s Report

Well here we are again! A year ago there was some doubt that the Danish Club of Ottawa would even last another week let alone another year. But here we are and what a year it was. 

Eight dedicated board members carried on business as usual with activities that included three church services, a seniors’ lunch, a ‘duck’ bingo, the Christmas bazaar, the children’s Christmas party, Fastelavan, an afternoon lunch with Victor, QBP, and the Kingston Bus Tour. The Board also held ten meetings for planning and organizing.

Throughout the year we also published and mailed out the Viking News as needed to inform our members of the upcoming events.

At present the Club has three life memberships, twenty–seven senior couple memberships, twenty–seven senior single memberships, seventeen family memberships and eight single memberships , which gives us a total of a hundred and twenty seven adults and approximately twenty three children.

That adds up to our membership being more seniors than anything else, but the Danish club is not the only organization with the same statistics. Other ethnic organizations are experiencing the same situation were second and third generations are not as loyal to their family orientation or roots. This is a problem we must consider as we move forward.

I would like to take this time to thank those on the Board this past year, Peter and Bodil, Vibeke, Tove, Niki, Helen, and Louise who were very patient with me. A special thanks to Sue-Anne for her help and support from the background, and the VN would not have been possible if not for the dedication of Shawna. To all these members go my sincere thanks.


E.D. (Ted) Hansen
President 2012/13

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