A wee Note from the President

May 2012

Dear Member

Thank you for your patience. In the latest Viking News, I promised some details on the Annual Picnic, unfortunately at this time it is not good news.

The last ‘board meeting’ revealed that we had no one volunteering to step forward and organize this event and there were no members who came forward to help either. With less than four weeks to prepare, the board decided, for this year,  to cancel the picnic. Instead it was suggested that an effort be made to have an event in September with Sunday the 9th. being the optimum date.

The theme will be ‘Family’. Possibly a corn roast, picnic, Bar-B-Que setting.

Details of where and the time, cost etc., will be conveyed to the membership by the VN or a later ‘flyer’ in the mail and posted on our web site. Anyone wishing to help in organizing and running the event, please contact me by phone or email.

On behalf of the Board,  I thank you.

Ted Hansen,

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