President’s AGM Year-end Report

Many thank yous’ to all club members for their attendance and support of the ‘club’ functions held this past year. To the Board of Directors, including Sue-Anne Nielsen, Andrea Still, Tove Essoudry, Mark Mutrie, Niki Miller, Jeff Jessen, Helen Marjos and Louise Hansen, my gratitude for supporting my ideas and helping in seeing them through to the end.

Our church committee arranged three church services and the ‘club’ had ten other functions over the course of the past year. The planned bus trip to St. Hans at Sunset Villa had to be cancelled due to insufficient numbers and the Anniversary Picnic was cancelled as well due to bad timing, and lack of organized support. All events were dutifully reported in our Viking News.

The Clubs Membership totals 201 (170 Adults and 31 children) broken down into 30 family memberships, 28 senior couple, 37 senior single, and 14 single with 3 Life Members.

The Scholarship Committee comprised of Pia Stenholt, Pernille Lamontagne and Lisbeth Hansen submitted a draft proposal to the board in the late year, which was revised and returned for them to elaborate on before presenting the final outline. The board thanks this committee for the time and effort.

It has been a difficult year to run the ‘club’ this past year as our treasurer had to return to Denmark for family reasons. My thanks go to Sue-Anne Nielsen for stepping in May to get the bank records and the clubs finances in order for the year-end audit. To go forward in the upcoming year members from the club need to step up and help by taking an active role in the board and as a volunteer at helping in set up and organizing our events.

Our constant link to our members has been our web site and the Viking News. Our thanks go out to Lisbeth Hansen for “baby sitting” the website for many years. Our other unsung hero of the day is Shawna Tardif who has (in my humble opinion) done a wonderful job as the ‘editor’ of the Viking News; she must have been a teacher in a past life, because all my mistakes vanish before it goes to print. My thanks once again, goes out to all who make this possible for our members.

Thanks to John Olsen and Flemming Leicht for their auditing again this year. Thank you to Leif Janichen for stepping in to chair this meeting once again. My best wishes to the Danish Club as we forge ahead into another year.

E.D. (Ted) Hansen


1 thought on “President’s AGM Year-end Report

  1. Christen Petersen October 24, 2011 — 8:17 am

    Thank you very much for a job well done.
    My rescent departure from OC Transpo should leave me with more time on my hands in the near future. My involvement should increase accordingly.
    That said, I have a battle with the city to complete first!
    I will see you at the Bazarr!
    Christen Petersen

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