President’s Corner – July 2011

During the last year, I have used this part of the Viking News to convey my thoughts in my own words about some of the things going on within the club.

I now find it hard to say goodbye to two board members, Sue Anne and Andrea, who have served the board for many years and have been a big help to me this past year. Sue Anne has reminded, corrected, prompted, and supported me as I have stumbled through many activities this past year. Andrea was always there with the correct document or quote from a past meeting. They have done well and I wish them some rest and relaxation as they both well deserve it. We the remaining few, look to you the membership to help us continue by stepping up and filling the void, so that we can carry on.

May you all enjoy the rest of your summer, drive carefully on your trips, and return safe and sound to your loved ones. See you in the fall.

Ted Hansen

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