Queen’s Birthday Party

It was with some apprehension that I made my way to Lakeside gardens on the evening of the Queen‟s Birthday celebration. I had not attended for a number of years and this time I was going alone. Well was I pleasantly surprised first with greetings from many members who I have known right from the founding of the Danish Club. It was good to be back though I was amazed at the many new faces I saw – this was the Club that some skeptics had said „well it will not last more than a year‟!

The evening got off to a great start with a warm welcome from Ted Hansen, our President, and then the singing of the two national anthems. What a joy to see Vagn Hansen leading us all – he has always been a great supporter and attended the very first gathering thirty-seven years ago.

Then came the food – Andrew Hansen you did a wonderful job with the appetizers – the plating and the taste were a delight. It was hard to stop and remember there was more to come.

A brilliant idea to keep us all interested was giving out door prizes whilst the chefs were setting out the delicious food. Then came the pastry tasting competition between Erica (Ted Hansen‟s cousin) and the Danish Bakery in Toronto; it was hard to know who won since every bite was delicious. Then if that was not enough Andrew and his colleagues produced fabulous looking (and tasting) fruit trays.

The raffle ticket sellers were busy and many delighted people went home with prizes.

The band “Herringbone” played delightful low volume music whilst we enjoyed our food and then livened it up so that people could dance and it seemed to me that the dance floor was never empty.

Tusind Tak to Ted and all those who helped to make the evening worthy of celebrating Queen Margrethe‟s birthday.

I look forward to attending again next year.

Toni Larsen

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