Other News – June 2011

Ole Hansen in memoriam

Ole Trasborg Hansen passed away tragically when his house in Ottawa burned down on April 22, 2011. Ole was born at Raklev Kirke in Denmark on November 4, 1947. He served three terms on the Board of Directors of The Danish Club of Ottawa, the last time in 2003-04. We extend our sincere condolences to Ole‟s family. All honour to his memory!

Rolf Christensen

Notice to Denmark bound Travelers

To anyone traveling to Denmark this summer and with the intent of purchasing items for the Bazaar in the fall, the Board would appreciate if you would notify our President, Ted Hansen first. Items purchased in Denmark for the „Import‟ table is greatly appreciated, but the Board would like to be aware and have some idea what is coming and no surprises without invoices. This makes our accounting and auditing people very frustrated, so your consideration is appreciated.

Have a  Safe Trip!

Ted Hansen

On Course for Adventure, the exciting life of a young Danish immigrant

Hello Fellow Danes;

I have written my life story, and it has been published in a new book. On Course for Adventure, the exciting life of a young Danish immigrant, is a biography which chronicles almost seventy years of the extraordinary life

lived by a kid who was born in Svendborg, a small Danish resort town. From there my brother and I emigrated to Canada, and through good fortune and hard work, I ended up spending over forty years in the arts and entertainment business.

We arrived in Canada in 1958 and almost immediately I fell into a job at the CBC Network Centre in Toronto. This was the heyday of live television, and within a year I was taking part in drama and variety productions. By 1965 I had opportunity to produce and direct my own television programs for the local Toronto station and for the network.

In 1967 with my wife Lorie, who was born in New Brunswick, I moved to Calgary. There I established my own film production company and set up the instructional TV department at SAIT, before becoming program manager for Community Antenna Television, Calgary’s original cable TV firm.

In 1975 I briefly returned to the CBC as production manager for CBRT, the new Calgary television station. Two years later I was fired by the CBC, which turned out to be a good thing, because my former boss, Don Carroll, and I went on to launch Calgary’s first repertory cinema, the Plaza Theatre, which I operated successfully for the next twenty years. I also published the popular CityScope Magazine and was founding president of the Canadian Film Celebration, the first film festival devoted exclusively to Canadian films. I even managed to conduct one selection in a concert given by the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra.

In 1998 Lorie and I left Calgary and settled in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico, where for more than eight years we enjoyed the climate, learned Spanish and found out what living through hurricanes really feels like. Now back in Canada we have settled in Fredericton, where I can satisfy my craving for fresh seafood, and where we are close to Lorie’s family and the wonderful Atlantic beaches. This memoir serves as a time capsule of an extraordinary life well lived.

Visit my website, http://www.flemmingnielsen.ca

On Course for Adventure is published by iUniverse Inc. Bloomington, Indiana, 47403 ISBN 978-1-4620-0016-6 In Paperback, Perfect Bound Soft cover,

535 pages $31.95

Flemming Nielsen

Dear Danes in Canada

I am writing to you on behalf of the Danish television production company, Gong. We are producing a primetime TV program for the Danish TV channels.

We are now researching for a new TV program about Danish policemen and firefighters working in foreign countries. The program will show the daily life of the persons, mainly at work, but also when they are together with their family, at home etc.

In order to realize this project, we need to get in contact with Danes that work as policemen or firefighters in your country, and hope that you can help us with this.

If you need more information about the project, feel free to write me back.

Niels Due-Boje TV reporter, Gong Media

More information about Gong: The executive group at Gong are experienced TV people who have produced prime time television since the mid-90’s. We know that stories have to be told with great passion – whether we are producing big live entertainment, reality shows or factual entertainment series.

http://www.gong.nu (in Danish)

Canadian Nordic Society’s Midsummer concert

June 11, 2011 at the Dominion-Chalmers Church, 355 Cooper Street

Tickets for the upcoming music concert can be obtained at various locations throughout Ottawa.

For further information on concert listings or where to get tickets visit: http://www.canadiannordicsociety.com or contact Len Nylund at 613-829-8602

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